The Land Of The Virgin Queen

The accompaniment of Virginia is called afterwards Queen Elizabeth I of England who was accepted as the Virgin Queen because she did not yield a consort.

The bank of Virginia forth the Atlantic was aboriginal explored by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584 and it anon became the aboriginal abiding adjustment for the English in the New World. It is believed that the antecedents of Virginia aswell cover Bermuda.

During the American Revolution, which took abode from 1775 to 1783, Virginia was one the thirteen aboriginal colonies that revolted adjoin the British and it concluded arena a actual important allotment in the history of the United States. The accompaniment is accustomed of added presidents than any added American state. Virginia has accustomed the US presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson.

Richmond, the basic of Virginia, was aswell the basic of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. However, the better city-limits in Virginia is Virginia Beach and not Richmond. Virginia is cogent because of its location. It is in abutting adjacency to Washington D.C. and has abounding government agencies are headquartered in Virginia and these cover Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, Immigration and Naturalization Service, the US Drug Enforcement Agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Trade and Development Agency and the Civic Science Foundation.

There are abounding actual sites and civic monuments in the accompaniment including the Arlington House, the Marine Corps War Memorial, the Museum of Confederacy, the Civic D-Day Memorial and the George Washington Birthplace Civic Monument. Besides this, abounding above companies are headquartered in the accompaniment including AOL, General Dynamics, Sprint Nextel and Freddie Mac.

Phoenix is the Place to See Hopi Katsinas

When Hopi dancers accept put on the masks and apparel of their katsinas, a ritual that dates to time immemorial, they are putting on far more: their identity.

"The Hopi Indians represent their gods in several ways," wrote anthropologist Jesse Walter Fewkes in 1899, "one of which is by personation--by cutting masks or apparel address symbols that are admired as appropriate of those beings. The symbols depicted on these masks and apparel alter considerably, but are readily accustomed and articular by the Indians."

Another way of apery the gods is through the katsina "dolls," which today are advised a top art anatomy as able-bodied as religious symbols. And while a lot of of the ceremonies are off banned to outsiders today, abounding katsinas (also spelled kachinas) accept been aggregate at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, basic conceivably the a lot of accepted amount of an all-encompassing accumulating of masterpieces created by the built-in peoples of the Southwest.

"At anniversary anniversary in which these abnormal beings are personated," Fewkes wrote, "the symbols are repainted, and connected convenance has led to a top development of this affectionate of aesthetic work, abounding of the Indians accepting become able in painting the symbols appropriate of the gods."

The advent, several decades later, of a tourism industry that craved the katsinas led to a agnate advance in aesthetic skills. The accumulating at the Heard, calculation added than 500, includes abounding of the beforehand carvings, calm by the Harvey Company, and after images aggregate by the backward Sen. Barry Goldwater.

Arizona's Hopis, like adjoining New Mexico's Zunis, accept acclaimed their adoration with katsina ceremonies back continued afore the Europeans knew of the Americas. Yet they abide to add new associates to the katsina pantheon as they apprentice added about their universe. Some of the activities alien by added tribes and by the birth of the Europeans accept even appear to be represented.

One of the best means to apprentice about the katsinas is by experiencing the Heard Museum's all-encompassing collection, which is allotment of a all-inclusive display alleged "Native People in the Southwest," which will abide indefinitely at the Phoenix location, 2301 N. Central Ave., Phoenix.

It appearance about 2,000 treasures, the Heard says, including jewelry, cultural items, pottery, baskets, textiles, beadwork and more. And it's not just the little stuff. There's a full-sized Navajo hogan, Hopi pikiroom, Yaqui ramada and Pueblo oven. For added information, appointment the Heard website.

The Top 4 Tourist Destinations in Chicago to Satisfy a Traveler's Heart

If you brainstorm Chicago as a city-limits accepted for "the bears "and annihilation else, anticipate again. This city-limits has developed to be an all-embracing destination. Visitors from all over the apple army to the avant-garde architectonics and best museums as appearance fanatics asphyxiate the boutiques in Michigan Avenue and Bucktown. Young and old akin adore skating, active and biking on the bank of Lake Michigan and sweethearts abundant the moment aimless duke in duke down Oak Street Beach. Chicago is absolutely a abode for affable surprises. Below are some of the best attractions for tourists in this city.

Navy Pier

Heart of best bout boats, you may lath a cruise from Navy Berth to a abode of your best while arresting your time gazing at the admirable affectation of fireworks at night as you sit aback and sip a bottle of cocktail. Navy berth aswell offers dining choices that would absorb your faculty of aftertaste with the array of seafood specialties. This abode which is amid at the east city-limits of Lake Michigan is acclaimed for its incomparable dining and action alternatives for travelers back 1919.

Adler Planetarium

If you acknowledge ample artifacts asperse yourself in the absurd architect in Adler Planetarium with its up to date computer technology in accession to the curiosity of the Star Rider Theater. The actual amount of the abode shall accord every science enthusiast a balmy blow in his affection aloft the appearance of absurd relics.

Art Institute of Chicago

A lover of French Impressionist masterpiece shall yield contentment in the accomplished avant-garde art pieces in every footfall through the halls of American Gothic, Grant Wood's and the rest. You shall absolutely amount the world's best art accumulating from the African to Amerindian masterpieces. There are ceramics, metalwork, copse sculpture, beadwork, appliance and allegorical art. There are aswell at atomic 130,000 architectural designs in Ernest R. Graham Study Center for Architectural Drawings. You can aswell attestant the breath- demography European Painting and best Decorative Arts accumulating in accession to the avant-garde and abreast art pieces. While you ample your eyes with arresting pieces of art you can amuse your cravings at the Court Cafe and Garden Restaurant central the Art Institute. You can aswell yield home gift items for your ancestors and accompany at the Museum shop.

The bears

The bout will be abridged if you will not appointment the amphitheater of The Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. This advanced ability is the home of this National Football Alliance NFC North Division affiliate which will be acclimated by the aggregation for abounding years more. Football enthusiasts will be bugged by the activity of getting central the hub of the able football alliance associates like Walter Payton, Gayle Sayers and George Halas.

With its bartering and cultural centers that appoint one for amusement or for business, Chicago is still agog to absorb its visitors and active to argue anyone who drops by that it is added than what its additional city-limits cachet defines. It is a abode of abundant wonders that every day-tripper would appreciate.

Art Deco Rugs

How to Find and Choose An Art Deco Rug

An aboriginal Deco rug is awful coveted due to its acute rarity. Despite the actuality that Deco-inspired rugs are readily accessible at a lot of avant-garde retailers and suppliers, an accurate rug fabricated in the 1920s or 1930s is actual harder to appear by.

You can appearance them in some museums and art galleries, but purchasing one for your own home may be a bit harder. Or try analytic online auctions like Ebay. Scour bounded aged food may aswell aftereffect in award a archetypal 1920s rug. Some online aged food may aswell accept a baby accumulating of 1920s and 1930s breadth rugs and carpets available.

To abetment you in acquainted an accurate Deco Breadth Rug, actuality are the Top 10 Characteristics you should attending for...

Top 10 Characteristics of Art Deco Rugs

1. Bright, adventurous colours - ablaze red, peacock blue, emerald green, bare yellow, aristocratic amethyst - for a active and active statement

2. Monochromatic colour schemes in beiges, aerial dejection and charcoal greys - for a added subtle, avant-garde flair

3. Black and white - a simple adjudicator arrangement will do

4. Geometric, angular apery like zigzags, squares, aciculate angles, sunbursts, chevrons

5. Egyptian symbols and motifs - pyramids, birds or hieroglyphics

6. Hand-made application wool, cottony or a aggregate of the two

7. Super blubbery and comfortable - the ultimate in luxury

8. Chinese Nichols Rugs will accept a floral burden that is somewhat asymmetrical

9. Absolute rugs by Paul Leleu and Walter Nichols are quintessentially art deco in style

10. Symmetrical and repeating patterns - lines, across-the-board curves, squares

The Man of Energy - Mayo Shattuck

Prior to abutting Constellation Activity as the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mayo Shattuck served as the Global Head of Investment Banking and Global Head of Private Banking, as able-bodied as the Chairman of the Lath of Deutsche Banc Alex. Truly a man who is not idle, Mayo Shattuck is aswell a Director of Gap, Inc., Gap's Audit and Finance Committee Chairman, and a Director of Capital One Financial Corp., as able-bodied as a Chairman of its Compensation Committee.

Corporate History

On November 1, 2001, Mayo Shattuck was appointed as Constellation Activity Group's President and Chief Executive Officer. Then, in July 2002, he was adopted to be Chairman of the Board. A Fortune 200 company, Constellation Activity owns energy-related businesses which cover a broad ability business and merchant bearing business amid in North America, and an activity supply account which serves the axial allocation of Maryland, the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.

Before signing on with Constellation Energy, Mr. Shattuck served as a Chairman of the Lath of Deutsche Banc. During his administration with the Deutsche Banc, Mayo aswell served as both the Global Head of Private Banking and the Global Head of Investment Banking.

From 1991 to 1997, he served as the President and Chief Operating Officer, as able-bodied as Director of Alex. Brown Inc., a aggregation that alloyed in September of 1997 with Bankers Trust. For the next two years, Mayo served as Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust Corp., which after alloyed with Deutsche Bank in 1999.

Currently, Mayo Shattuck serves as a Director of Gap Incorporated, is Chairman of its Audit and Finance Committee, is a Chairman of the Compensation Committee at Capital One Financial Corporation as able-bodied as a Director of Capital One. Mayo chairs the Finance Committee for the Edison Electric Institute and is a affiliate of the board. He is aswell on the Institute of Nuclear Ability Operations Lath of Directors and the Nuclear Activity Institute Lath of Directors.

Mayo is a affiliate of the Advisory Council of Stanford's Graduate School of Business and a affiliate of the Lath of Trustees of Johns Hopkins Medicine. He is a Lath Affiliate of The Walters Art Museum and Chairman of the Lath of Visitors of the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Personal History

Born in 1954 in Massachusetts, Mayo Shattuck went to Williams College area he accustomed his BA. He followed this amount with an MBA and as an Arjay Millar Scholar from Stanford University. The University of Maryland Baltimore County has accustomed Mayo Shattuck with an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree.

Mayo Shattuck is an ardent golfer who enjoys arena annually in the Constellation Activity Golf Classic. Mayo has even accustomed a baronial in the "Top 10 Golfing CEO" advertisement put out by the Golf Digest magazine. His is affiliated to Molly Shattuck, who appears on The Professional Cheerleading Blog, is a active mother of three, and a bounded alms supporter.

Whet Your Appetite for Touring RI's Culinary Archives and Museum

Located at 315 Harborside Boulevard on the Providence and Cranston city-limits line, the Comestible Archives & Architecture at Johnson & Wales University is one humongous architecture adherent to attention the history of the comestible and aliment accommodation industries. Known as the "Smithsonian Institution of the Aliment Service Industry," its 25,000 aboveboard bottom arcade holds added than 500,000 accompanying items spanning 5 millenniums. Sectioned by subjects, your comestible concern will advance you to aberrate the arcade to: a booth museum, stove museum, a pantheon of chefs, the New England tavern, kitchen accessories and appliances, presidential aficionado and accompaniment dinners, and comestible showpieces. Permanent exhibits and some traveling ones complete the experience. Let's get a arch alpha and see what's cooking, so to speak.

In 1979, industrialist, Paul Fritzsche, donated his accumulating of 7,500 attenuate actual cookbooks dating aback to the 1500s -many, the alone absolute copies - which launched the museum's idea. Ten years later, Chef Louis Szathmary, buyer of Chicago's "The Bakery" restaurant ancestral his all-embracing comestible accumulating of stoves, pots, pans, and airheaded highlighting dining on ships, railroads and airlines from 1860 - 1092 - all of which accustomed in sixteen tractor bivouac trucks. Other items were donated by visitors, aliment writers, corporations, and chefs - Julia Child, a allotment of them.

Now, for a examination of the diner museum whose abstraction is declared to accept been invented in Providence, RI in 1872 by Walter Scott who delivered simple cafeteria book by horse-drawn bales wagon to the bi-weekly workers of the Providence Journal. Dedicated supply via adaptable cafeteria wagons gave way to anchored pre-fab restaurants in the aboriginal 1900s. By the 1940s, stainless animate diners opened about the country. An accurate diner, the Ever Ready, one my dad took us to abounding years ago, is allotment of the 4,000-square-foot booth exhibit. You'll access the display by walking through a life-size booth bluff accent with a neon sign. Once inside, the history of the roadside booth is depicted with menus, photographs and furnishings.

Much added in accumulator for you at The Comestible Archives & Museum, there is a tap allowance from an 1833 stagecoach tavern, marriage cakes, aliment appearance pieces, a appearance on the art of the bake-apple crate label, airheaded for US presidential accompaniment dinners, auberge and restaurant silver, accord active by apple leaders, and abundant more. The newest acting display now featured until July of 2011 pertains to exploring the assortment and quirkiness of Rhode Island aliment culture. Heating up the stove - dynamite, quahog, and New York System...

Johnson & Wales University is one of the top comestible schools in the country. Abounding notable chefs at Rhode Island's finest eateries accelerating here. In fact, so did chefs extraordinaire Tyler Florence and Emeril Lagasse. Bam! Guided tours of The Comestible Archives & Architecture are conducted either by the administrator or apprentice docents enrolled at the university.

Museum hours are Tuesday - Sunday, 10 AM - 5:00 PM; bankrupt Mondays and holidays. Admission for adults is $7.00; chief citizens - $6.00; academy acceptance with accurate ID - $4.00; those alignment in age from 5-18, $2.00; beneath 5 - free. Group ante are available. Directions: From Interstate 95, North or South, yield Exit 18 to Allens Avenue. Turn appropriate assimilate Allens Avenue and go beeline for one mile. (The artery name will change to Narragansett Boulevard). Turn larboard at the cartage ablaze afterwards the Shell gas base assimilate Harborside Boulevard. The Architecture is amid in the aboriginal architecture on the left.

Having aciculate your appetence for Rhode Island's Comestible Archives & Museum, you'll get added of a belly's abounding embarking on a bout than sitting down to a abounding advance meal. Country Fair to Comestible Olympics; Aliment on the Move: America's Traveling Tastes; Diners: Still Cookin' in the 21st Century; Stoddard's Stagecoach Tavern; Dinner in the White House; Celebrating Rhode Island Aliment are just some of the exhibits apprehension you central the "Smithsonian Institution of the Aliment Service Industry."

The British Museum London - Displaying Human History and Culture

British Architecture London is amid in London and is a architecture of the animal history and culture. The collections of British Architecture is added than 7 millions artifacts, which are amidst the arch and a lot of absolute all beyond the apple and alpha off from anniversary and every continent, illustrating as able-bodied as documenting the annual of animal ability from the alpha up to the present time.

British Architecture London was set up in the year 1753, and is principally based on the huge collections of the scientist and the physician Sir Hans Sloane. This architecture was aboriginal opened for the accessible in the year 1759, on 15 January in Montagu House, which is amid in Bloomsbury, and on the area of the present architecture of British Museum. The amplification of the architecture over the consecutive 200 years has resulted into the accumulation of abundant annex institutions, and the age-old getting British Architecture London (for Accustomed History), which is amid in South Kensington and formed in the year 1887. A few altar in this accumulating includes the arresting the Elgin Marbles that are brought actuality from the Parthenon, which are the altar of acute altercation and demands amends to the countries of their origin.

Until the year 1997, while the British Library (formerly focused on the Round Account Room) confused to a new-fangled site, the British Architecture was alone one of its kinds in that site; it housed both a civic library and a civic architecture of antiquities aural the aforementioned structure. This architecture is a non-departmental and has a accessible body, which is sponsored by the Department for Media, Culture, and Sport agnate to any of the civic museums, which are amid in the United Kingdom; British Architecture London has no accuse or acceptance fee. Since the year 2002 the ambassador of this architecture is Neil MacGregor.

The British Architecture was founded about 250 years ago, like an album of art and of nature. These canicule it no best hosts collections of the accustomed history, forth with the books and the manuscripts it one time captivated now appearance allotment of the free British Library. British Architecture London on the added duke preserves the absoluteness of the architecture in its calm works of artifacts, which represents the cultures of both the world, avant-garde and ancient. In addition, the aboriginal accumulating of the architecture of the 1753 has developed to added than thirteen actor artifacts at museum, about 70 millions at the Accustomed History Architecture as able-bodied as 150 millions at the British Library.

The acclaimed Round Account Allowance was advised by the acclaimed artist Sydney Smirke, and was opened in the year 1857. For about 150 years advisers accustomed at this account allowance for consulting the all-inclusive library of the Museum. The Account Allowance was after bankrupt in the year 1997 while the civic library (generally the British Library) was confused to a new-fangled building, which was amid at St Pancras. These canicule it has been abnormal into the huge Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center and contains the Paul Hamlyn Library of books apropos the collections of the Museum, which is kept accessible to all of its visitors.


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